A Full Service


We understand that you want to keep your beard looking and strong and sculpted as possible so we have the perfect team for you.
Scary isnt it? Thats why we have a team of professionals to make sure your beard is perfect. We can help you achieve your beard goals in store and with our aftercare to keep it looking 100%
We take a multi step process towards giving you the best beard you can have. Every beard is different so requires different techniques to smooth, shape, adjust or control; thats why our barbers are experts in their field.

We can help you maintain that great beard with a beard package tailored and hand picked just for you. We will have a chat with your through your beard trim and select the perfect combination of aftercare to make sure your skin is hydrated underneath, your beard is soft and smooth and you are maintaining the right balance with products.

Beard styling
Hair styling for men


We have a way of doing things; simple, solid and timeless. That’s why we should be your choice of barbershop.
We have appointments open 10am-6pm daily for your convenience; book ahead, skip the queue.
12pm- 4pm everyday we are open, just walk in and let us know you’re here. We will get to you as soon as we can.
We have worked with dozens of brands over the last (almost a) decade to really understand what makes a great styling product. We hand choose who we want to work with and stock only the best.
We took all this extra knowledge and packed it into our own brand; the best we carry.


We always want to make sure you get the best treatment you can, thats why we have a few optional extras you can add on to make your whole experience that much better.
A classic, a time old tradition that we carry forward today, if you have had one welcome to that extra special feeling; if you havent, you should.
This is our ultimate; we created the best package we can to make you feel refreshed, moisturised and ready to face the day.
Our full service starts with a facial rub and cleanse getting a little stress off before applying a black charcoal purifying mask. As the mask sets you will be treated to your haircut and beard trim. Once completed we will remove the mask taking away any deep impurities leaving your skin clean and fresh, we then set the skin to close all te pores back up. We can then give you a full straight razor line up and prepare for some intimate facial wax (ears and nose).
It is the best way to leave feeling fully revitalised.
Barber and customer with towel on face, barbershop


It’s simple, we care. This is our careers our livelyhood and our passion. We aren’t everyday 9-5; we are creating the best we can just for you. Why choose someone who will give you 5 minutes of their attention and charge you more when you can have a service who cares about you. We can tell you the award winning facts or brag about who we work with but the truth is all of that is irrelevant. We understand the only service that matters is yours.
We have won multiple awards for our work. We are industry leaders in what we offer.

We have worked with brands like barbour and Triumph to help bring their visions to life. Our clientele list ranges from A list celebrities to sport and music stars but truth is every single cut matters just as much.

We are consistently voted top three and heavily featured in publications for our service.

Can’t make a walk in? we have appointments. Work 9-5? We take appointments at 6pm. Unsure of arrival time? Half our day is split to ensure we see walk in customers.