Corleone ‘Sticky Stuff’ Pomade


A water-based and highly scented pomade from the world famous New York barbershop from Rotterdam. For a firm hold, high gloss and ease to wash out. Made in the Netherlands The new “Sticky Stuff Corleone Highshine Pomade” attracts mainly by the very beautiful, elegant fragrance. It was specially composed by Robert – the founder of the famous New York Barbershop in Rotterdam – and reminds of high-quality, modern men’s fragrances. Of course, the pomade is itself a looker and Sicily – the land of Robert’s Barber ancestors and of the Mafia – is here full program. The name, the chic black jar and the golden lettering in the style of the 1920s are perfectly matched and radiate a mysterious elegance. The water-based pomade looks like stiff hair gel. It is almost clear, solid, very flexible and sticky. Going with your finger through the pomade pulls strings like hot mozzarella, but can be applied easily to the hair and combed through. The sticky fingers can also be easily cleaned with plain water. When you the look in the mirror you see a 1A shiny hair, nice, firm hold and a perfume that attracts the ladies. The pomade is packaged in a black plastic jar with screw cap and golden-colored lettering Made in the Indonesia Content: 100 g (3.5 oz)



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