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Established in 2013 Keep The Faith Social Club quickly became Cardiff’s biggest tattoo and barbershop with our award winning team.                                                                                                                                                                      Built from the ground up by giving customers the service and treatment they deserve while sticking to our traditional values and ethics, allowing us to bring something new and fresh to our clients; professional friendly service with a top quality product and finish. We have a large team of expert and award winning staff on hand to make sure you get the service you deserve.  We are an independent, family owned and run business with a hard working ethic and no ego stocking a wide range of the highest quality products hand picked to help you care for your hair, beard or tattoo. If you want to be part of our club then we are open 7 days a week to provide you with the best service possible when its convenient for you!


Our  Barbers


A barber called Morgan


Nick 'Tough Tatts' Warren


Ricardo Shank


Matt Dutfield


Hywel Davies


Our  Tattoo Artists


Shaun Von Sleaze

Owner / Tattoo Artist

Radek Marszalik

Tattoo Artist

Harry Hunter

Tattoo Artist

Hair cut · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · £18
One Length all over  · · · · · ·  £10
Beard trim · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · £10
Hot Towel Shave  · · · · · · · · · £25
Appointments are available with our barbers at 10am, 11am, 5pm and 6pm Monday -Saturday or 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm Sun. Walk ins 12pm – 5pm Monday- Saturday.

Tattoos · · · ·   £60/hour (Min £60)
Appointments are available with our tattoo artists, please book well in advanced to avoid disappointment. Walk ins are available daily space permitting.

Appointments fill up quickly ahead of time so please get in early to avoid disappointment. Our walk in service tend to be very popular with there often being a long wait if you want to get seen as soon as possible come down early, enjoy a game of pool or skate on our xbox and relax. Hair cuts can take up to an hour so be patient, we wont rush them nor you regardless of the queue. We stop taking walk ins around 4pm (queue dependant) to ensure we can get through everyone before taking our evening appointments.

Frequently asked questions

1. Where is the Studio located?

We are located in the heart of Cardiff City centre. you can find us easily with the postcode CF10 1AE, just a few minutes walk from the train station or St.Davids 2 parking area.

2. What are your opening hours?

We are open:
10am – 7pm Monday – Saturday.
12pm – 4pm Sunday.

3. Do I really need an appointment?

Appointments are always advised but not always necessary, if you want to guarantee a space please book in. You can contact us through any of the details below or call us on 02921406954 to arrange work from either our barbers or tattoo artists.

Barber appointments.
We have a great team on hand to help you decide which cut is right for you and what will work with your hair type, we can help you decide what can and will work for you and give you advice on all the following steps from correct washing technique to styling and product choice.

Tattoo appointments
Our team of award winning artists always advise a booking, preferably with a consultation beforehand to ensure we both get the exact tattoo you want with the perfect design and fit. This does mean a trip to the studio; this is the perfect time to acclimatise yourself with the parking, directions to the shop and timings to ensure you are ready on the day. This also allows you to meet with your artist (where available) and get a feel for each other as a person, allowing us to get our ideas out with each other to create the perfect tattoo for you.

4. How do I make an appointment?

First take a look at our portfolios, we all do very different work so not all of us my be right for your specific job. Decide which of our artists is perfect for you and who you’d like to get tattooed by and contact us. The easiest way is by phone (02921 406954) this way we can set you up with a consultation with the artist you have chosen. This is 10 minutes (or so) of your (and their) time to ensure we know exactly what you’re looking for and can create the ideal tattoo for you. Once you come in for your consultation, bring as much reference information as you have, preferably printed off, on a disc or memory stick. This gives us a stronger idea of what your tattoo goals are; from there it is up to us, we will craft the perfect tattoo just for you; for us to do this we will take a tracing of the area if necessary along with a non-refundable deposit (min £20 per hour booked). This deposit covers the drawing time involved and comes off the final price of your tattoo. If you are running over half an hour late and don’t call you will forfeit your deposit (this also stands if you do not show up at all). You will also forfeit your deposit if you change your design completely; E.G if in your consultation you want a custom sleeve, our artist has spent multiple hours drawing this for you and you then decide that instead of a this you would like a small bird silhouette; it becomes a wasted drawing and the time is covered by your deposit; small changes are fine and can be amended without the loss of deposit.

5. How much will it cost?

Shop minimum is £60; no matter how small or simple. This covers our set up costs and time along with labour. Aside form this we charge hourly at £60p/h. Some tattoos we are able to give you a flat rate (size/time dependant) this is something you can discuss with your chosen artist in your consultation. Tattoo placement can be a factor in pricing.

6. Do Tattoos Hurt?

Yes. Some mild some wild. placement is key. If you want the tattoo; you will be fine.


7. Are Tattoos safe?

All our equipment is either disposable/sterilisable or covered with a barrier. We take the utmost pride in making sure that our work and studio is at peak cleanliness for both you the client and us.

All tubes/needles are single use and disposed of after every tattoo, the same goes for our ink caps, razors and barriers ensuring there can be no cross-contamination.

We are licensed by our local authority and work closely with them to ensure peak safety and cleanliness standards, adhering to a strict routine to ensure there can be no cross contamination or risk of any complications.

We hang our licences in our reception area, they are named and signed for each artist and for the studio. If you would like to see the artist un-package the tube/needle, thats not a problem just ask and this will be done in front of you just before your tattoo (sometimes we will get set up slightly beforehand while you are filling out our health questionnaire but can arrange to delay this for your comfort).

8. Do you guys do Piercing?

Not at the moment although we will do in the near future.

Contact Us

02921 406 954


14-16 Royal Arcade
CF10 1AE

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