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Est'd 2013
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we believe in strength and simplicity

We want to give you the best you can get. Strong, bold and timeless.


A traditional barbershop cut with great shape and flow. Classic style; modern technique.


Industry leading techniques and training to make sure we only ever give you the greatest result.


Practiced, trained and perfected. Your next haircut will be crafted to give you an effortless stylish cut.


From humble beginnings

We made Cardiff our home in 2013 and built our family from there.

 Since then our family owned and operated business has become Cardiff’s award winning tattoo and barbershop; our team are hand picked and trained to keep our quality as high as possible.

We are bringing you the best service and artists without the ego or inflated price. 

The Best service

Tradition meets cutting edge

Our barbers and tattoo artists have created a balance of traditional ideals and industry leading techniques to give you the perfect result.




Our bearded barber is a fade master and a beard demon. Knowledgeable on the techniques, styles and industry he will make sure you leave with exactly the right cut.




Our fastest member of the team avid athlete and the blurriest boy. Iwan is one of our newest staff but a great addition to the team.




Our bike barber is here to ensure every cut leaves perfect; although he can handle any cut thrown at him he specialises in scissor work. 



Junior Barber

Bernie has been brought in as our Junior Barber. He is confident in modern styles and can tailor his skills to your needs.




Deeply rooted in skating and punk culture. Hywel is here to make sure anyone who wants an alternative cut gets the perfect finish.




A hairdressing veteran we brought Callum in to make sure your longer hair needs are perfectly met. He is just as happy with short hair but his long cuts are simply special.

The Best service

Coffee Bean

traditional values

Coffee Bean

Proven service

Coffee Bean

award winning

Our artists are industry leading, fully licensed and specialists in their style. Each of our artists are focussed on creating the best for you. We have an artist for any style you want; if you need some advice regarding who to book with please contact us or to see their work please click on their names!

Book your perfect


Bookings made here are for Shaun or nopenope only.

To book with any other artist please use the button at the top of the page.

Before clicking the booking button below the photos please read the following:

•Shaun works in multiple styles but some stuff that he feels would be better suited to another artist at the shop will be declined, the deposit will be refunded and you will be contacted with information regarding why and how to book in with the correct artist to get the perfect tattoo for you. nopenope works in naive blackwork only.

•Shaun has a priority of styles he prefers please be as specific as possible in the description box to avoid confusion.

•Booking request transactions are subject to a booking fee of £100 which will come off the appointment price but it is non-refundable under any circumstance.

•Booking fees are transferable to the same person for the same tattoo if you ask to transfer the appointment to a new date with at least 4 full days notice. To request to move an appointment please contact 02921 406954

•If you are booking a cover up, please come in to the store to make the appointment as any made on here will be declined, the booking fee will not be refunded. If you book through this service for a cover up without specifying it your booking fee will be lost when you turn up for the appointment.

•ALL appointments are at 11am start time, this allows time to set up properly and ensure the design works as intended.

•Please give us as much information in the booking notes including your name, contact number, email address, what you would like to get tattooed, where on your body, how big you would like it tattooed, would you like it in black and grey or colour. Please also include any reference photos of work you have seen, where on your body you would like to get the tattoo and a social media tag (instagram/twitter) for us to contact you if needs be. If you do not give us all the details we will not be able to draw/prep the tattoo for you and you will have to wait on the day to be seen which will be charged.

•We work in an open plan studio, we have screens and can section the studio off if needs be. If you are getting tattooed and a section is covered please be respectful of that persons privacy. Anyone seen being otherwise will be asked to leave.

•Please do not bring a group of people with you they will not be able to wait with you in the tattoo area.

•Shaun works at £70 per hour for large scale pieces or if the piece can be completed within a  day he will give you a set price on the tattoo. If you would like a quote before going through the request please contact the shop via Facebook.

•nopenope works in a very specific way, for more information please contact the shop on facebook. It is not something we would advise someone who is getting their first tattoo due to their process.

•Shaun may work Sundays upon request. Any appointments accepted on Sundays will be 12pm-4pm and cost £320. Any appointments that are requested for Sunday’s but denied will have their booking fee refunded/or contacted to rebook.

Tattoo FAQ


Will I need a booking fee/Deposit?
Yes, without a booking fee your appointment will not be confirmed. We ask for a £60 minimum booking fee (£100 for full day appointments).

Can I get a walk in or do I have to book?
Booking is advised however it isn’t always necessary. Most of our artists have a long waiting list but we would advise calling to see what walk in space is available as some keep space daily just for this! 

I don’t know how to draw what I want, can you help?
This is what we are here for. our award winning team pride themselves on professional custom artwork highly tuned to exactly what their clients wants. All we need is a short consultation and some reference.

Will you give me an exact price?
Each artists works differently, some by hourly rate, others by piece. At worst we will give you a ballpark figure for the piece you want and work to that. We will always try to overestimate slightly to allow us a little grey area incase the design or our client needs that extra 5 minutes to be perfect.

Will we finish perfectly on time?
Probably not. We wont rush, please don’t expect us to for parking or a train. Your tattoo is of the utmost importance to us.

When will I see my design?
All design work is done shortly before the appointment allowing the artist to concentrate specifically on just that design and concept. You will be shown the design on the day of the appointment and there will be plenty of time for any edits needed (although this is rare).

Do you specialise in any styles? 
All our artists are unique and tattoo in their own styles mostly. We have an extremely talented team well versed in all types of tattooing. If you want it one of our team will be perfect for you.

Is there room for someone to come with me?
We operate an open studio policy; this means if there is space for one visitor with you we will try our best to accommodate you (nopenope is conditional please check ahead). Please call ahead to make sure we are able to make space.

Are you/your studio vegan friendly?
We can give you a perfectly vegan tattoo. We use a selection of various products, some are vegan some are not. If you are vegan please let us know and we can accommodate you by substituting some of our products to vegan friendly alternatives. All our ink is vegan friendly.

Can I bring my child?
Short answer, not without supervision. We are a busy barbershop and tattoo studio. The tattoo area is strictly over 18s only; they will not be allowed into this area under any circumstances. If you have suitable supervision they can wait with your child in the waiting area. Please be aware this is a very busy and sometimes loud environment and is not suitable for unruly children. 

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